the first issue of the regional weekly independent newspaper Ivanovo-Press was published on October 2, 1997.Over the years, the newspaper has become the most influential non-state print media in the province, becoming a truly popular newspaper.Our weekly is read by everyone who wants to know the details of the events of social, political, economic, cultural and sports life of the Ivanovo region, their independent analysis and critical evaluation.”Ivanovo-Press” is distributed in the regional center, and in all areas of the Ivanovo region.The permanent recipients of our publication are the administration of the Ivanovo region, the administration of the city of Ivanov, district administrations, ATC, FSB, UIN, the Prosecutor’s office of the Ivanovo region, the courts, customs and many others, but most importantly, the newspaper is read and trusted by the residents of the Ivanovo region.The newspaper actively cooperates with the Foundation for the protection of publicity, the National Institute for press development.The founder of the newspaper is “Impress”.Output: weekly circulation: 5 000 copies. Published on Tuesdays.The A-3 format, black-and-blue-and-white, the number of bands – 24, full TV program for the week