Ivanovtsy do not understand, in connection with which there are global changes in the field of water supply, sanitation, etc.

S. Kamkin 

I had to postpone briefly the continuation of a series of publications on the health care of the Ivanovo region, because Ivanovo residents were asked to explain to them what was happening in Vodokanal, energy and housing and communal services. Residents are perplexed: “Why does it all bring everything together? Will not the districts remain orphans, and will not the municipalities become worse? ” 
In order to understand the situation, let’s start “from the stove”.

In the photo: the signing of a tripartite contract between the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation, the administration of the city of Ivanovo and the general contractor – the company TAHAL Consalting Engieneers Ltd. March 30, 2018 
The project of cooperation between the Ivanovo region and the IBRD has been implemented since 2009. 
And only the governor S.Voskresensky, having worked for six months after the appointment of the acting governor, launched a project in the interests of the whole region
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