Athletes who came to power shocked by their morals and level of intelligence

Only recently, the Minister of Labor, Employment and Migration of the Saratov Region, N. Sokolova, argued with the deputy of the regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation N. Bondarenko about the amount of money necessary to live for a month. The official said that 3.5 thousand rubles is enough to meet the “minimum physiological needs.” According to her, you can meet the cost of living, “if you use our seasonal vegetables and fruits.” “Macaroni is always cheap. And buttermilk? It is all very cheap anyway!”, said Sokolova. 

In response to the proposal to try the most on a similar diet N. Sokolova said that the status of the minister does not allow her to do so. After that, the official was dismissed on the same day.
Her monthly salary was about 180 thousand rubles. The official was fired, but only because her cynical words were captured, recorded and posted on the Internet. And people started talking about her. Without this, she would have fed hundreds of thousands of Saratov pensioners with “macaroni”.

My tongue is my enemy
The last evidence of the existence of parallel worlds and realities happened in the Sverdlovsk region. The director of the youth policy department, the former Olympic champion O. Glatskih, said “on the camera” to the youth that “the state in general owes you nothing. You owe your parents because they gave birth to you. The state did not ask them to give birth to you.” She forgot that she received 90 thousand rubles from the state in preparation for the Olympics.
She explained that it’s difficult for the state today. At the same time she complained about the “three-kopeek” salaries of “all officials and municipal employees”. These “three pennies” for Ms. Glatskih – 125 thousand rubles per month. This is her salary.
At first, the official tried to apologize, justifying that her words were misinterpreted, but the scandal continued, people expressed their indignation. Then O.Glatskih simply flew to the Seychelles. 

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